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Road Base and Decomposed Granite
We offer several materials for the "foundation" of great syn lawn.
Typically a new syn-lawn or artificial grass lawn installation involves 4 to 6 inches of permeable road base and often a small layer of decomposed granite.
Virgin Base verse Recycled Base
Most vendors will try and sell you only recycled road base, it is cheap and very good deal, if you are putting asphalt or concrete over it...........but a mess in the making for a artificial grass lawn. Recycled base is just ground up concrete from road and highway construction and huge percentage of drainage clogging soil and silt in it.
Virgin base, as the aggregate calls it, is new crushed rock or gravel ( gravel is not crushed angular rock but cleaned up river rock from pea gravel to 2" material ) mixed with sand. The sand is with wash crushed fines or wash natural river sand. In most circumstances you will want Permeable Base, or base made from river rock gravel and natural sand ( think beach sand .) Permeable base will allow you synthetic lawn to have very good drainage and lesson problems from standing or slow draining water.

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Installation Materials