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River Rock for Acton, Lancaster, Palmdale, Rosamond & Tehachapi
It's The Same Rock, Why Pay More For It?
When you need bulk landscape and building materials such as decomposed granite, topsoil, soil amendments, mulch, sand, gravel, road base, rock, flagstone, and boulders we are very likely to save you a lot of money.

We work with local and regional truckers and quarries to bring you the best possible building materials at the lowest possible prices. We source stone materials from all over the USA and Mexico and believe that you should look to buy American and Mexican stone materials first before looking at imports. If you do need an imported stone we have materials from India, South America, China, and other countries available to fill your needs. Each quarry material is labeled with its region or country of origin for you to make an informed choice.
Lancaster Bulk Landscape Materials