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A. V. Rock Yard Bakersfield Region
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Nor Cal Mulch Deliveries
Earth Stone & Rock is developing material storage or full scale yards as quickly as we can. While we haul materials from quarries and stone fabricators across the country to customers in the USA, Canada and even the Bahamas our primary locations are still here in California and Arizona. Our websites list far more items that we could ever stock. Most shockingly, the materials we have on the websites are a small fraction of the decorative and building stone available to us. So if you don't see on the site, just email a photo of what you want or something similar and we will try and get it for you at a good price.
Currently we have full service locations in:
Bakersfield, CA - OPENING JUNE 2024
Rosamond, CA - OPENING JUNE 2024
Visalia, CA

Material handling yards but no customers service
Cressey, CA
Salinas, CA
Marana, AZ
Earth Stone & Rock Material Yards