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Synthetic Turf and Installation Materials
Learn the lingo and understand everything you need to know about artificial grass, related tools, and accessories. Our library of Turf Terminology is an in-depth resource full of exciting terms with even more exciting definitions that will leave you hungry for more! Wholesale Turf has your back when it comes to all things turf. Read below and let us know which term is your favorite! Ours is Galvanized Nail.

Water-based products used to bond synthetic turf seams and inserts and, at times, synthetic turf to the base. Synthetic turf adhesives are made of urethane and/or epoxy.

Artificial Turf Deodorizer:
A non-toxic negatively charged zeolite material that comes in a granule form. It neutralizes odors caused by ammonia and requires a simple one-time application on top of your turf.
Materials that make up the back of the turf and also secure the fiber tufts.

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