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Visalia Landscape Boulders
It's The Same Rock, Why Pay More For it?
Designers and landscape contractors use a lot of granite, jasper, basalt, quartzite, and other types of rock from 18 inches to several feet in size. We have a huge selection of small, medium, and larger boulders for delivery in end-dump trailers or on flatbeds. We have angular or quarry run, the rough-looking types, semi-rough and river washed smooth boulders for sale.

We have moss-rock boulders with rich green mature moss and lichens in patches or covering most of the whole rock.
Our selection of granite boulders offers you choices in brown, gold, silver, black and white, white tones. We carry boulders from many regions in California as well as premium material from Arizona, Idaho, Utah, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, and other states in many other colors. Materials can be chosen from photos or with special arrangements in person at select quarries near you.

Visalia City Landscape Boulders