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Regional Locations For Service and Delivery of Materials
California Building Material Supply is the pioneering development of E-commerce in the aggregate and stone industry the USA. EarthStoneRock.com is the leading way for buyers seeking out all of the materials in the regions at the best possible prices and quality.
Littlerock Materials Yard.
7565 East Avenue T - 8
Littlerock, CA 93543

Stocked with materials from Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada and Mexico. Best to email or call for current inventory.
Primary Service Territory
California Building Material Supply works to serve clients in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah and Texas. When we cannot provide you the materials you are seeking we will refer you to very strong vendors in your region that you may not have been aware of.

If you are ordering more than 1 truck load it is likely you will get a price reduction on your order. Our posted rates are based upon the historical average transport charges from each quarry to your area. Creating an order with us does not require you to make a payment at that time. Upon your request we can take a closer look at your order and see if there is lower transport cost.

Save Big With Local Material Prices

Depending upon where the job site is there can be many local materials available that are not going to be displayed under the full selection menu for obvious reasons. We are always looking for more local resources and invite you to E-mail us if you have a need or suggestion for a local or regional material resource.

  • Primary Service Regions

    With partial to full loads of river cobbles, boulders, flagstone and building materials transported throughout the USA. Buyers of Decorative Earth Materials should have the broadest range of color, texture and size choices possible.
  • Arizona

    Mesa - Tempe Service Center
  • California

    Carve it or build it in stone, you want to get this work done the first time with the right materials, priced out at competitive rates delivered to the job site on time. Our network in interstate transport for the Southwest and in California will get that done.
  • Nevada

    Our network in interstate transport for Nevada will get you the materials you need at competitive prices, very quickly. Same Day and Next Service is usually not a problem at all.
  • Texas

    Texas Wholesale Rock & Material Sales
  • Other States

    Nationwide Material Sales In Continental USA
Trucking of Materials