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Gold D. G. & Oyster Shell Bocce Court Bocce Ball Court Construction
Bocce Ball Court Materials for delivery in Bakersfield
The installation of an Italian Bocce Ball Court provides an excellent way to spend afternoons and evenings having back yard fun with family and friends
We offer several different surface material options, with and without oyster shell.
We are also able to ship all of the other materials needed for installation and maintenance to you.
Installation and maintenance services are available.
Our staff is available with free rental tools to assist you or your contractor with an installation.

Oyster Shell and D. G. Blends
Our Silver or Gold Decomposed Granite 1/4" Minus is blended with premium quality marine composted crushed oyster shell and oyster shell flour that results in the typical t
raditionally Italian bocce ball court. This mixture is installed over a layer standard 3/8" minus decomposed granite depth of 1-1/2 to 3 inches, which equals 1 ton of blended material per 100 to 150 square feet.

The role that oyster shell plays in bocce court surface mixtures is to keep the decomposed granite from becoming extremely hard and un-workable for grooming. The oyster shell flakes keep the decomposed granite from completely binding together. Through the normal course of play; ruts, troughs and material displacement takes place. Our decomposed granite oyster shell blend is in traditional Italian bocce ball court surface formula. When groomed out it makes a smooth solid surface to play on. When play is completed it makes for an easy surface to quickly renovate.

Oyster Shell Flour
Oyster shell flour is applied over the top of the finished court surface at the rate of 1/4 to 1/2 pound per square foot resulting in a thin
layer of finely crushed oyster shell flour for a very smooth playing surface.
Bakersfield Bocce Court Material