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Lawn & Landscape Edging Materials
Edging of plant or rock borders in landscapes is an important, but often overlooked element of landscape design that can easily improve a property's curb appeal. Many landscape designs don't require edging or borders, as these materials diminish the natural look. However when your design requires an edging or border material, buy and use a material that will ad value and beauty or function to the landscape and not become an eyesore. While simply acting as a separator of two different areas, garden edging is considered a design secret of professional landscapers. Effective edging materials help to keep lawns, plants and rock and or mulch materials in place. It also separates grass and pathways to give off a clean-cut and organized look that makes edging visually appealing.
The best to worst materials are in most circumstances;
Stone, steel and aluminum edging materials
The worst materials are in most circumstances;
Wood and plastic edging materials

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