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Full Range Bluestone Arterra Pavers Stone
With its smooth finish and a stunning combination of tan, rust, orange, brown, and green shades, Full Range Bluestone exudes a subtle yet sophisticated charm. This special mix of colors adds a contemporary touch to the porcelain paver, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces.
These pavers are highly durable and require minimal effort to keep clean and maintain, making them perfect for both homes and businesses. Whether it's in atriums, outdoor dining areas, pathways, patios, or other places, Full Range Bluestone can be used in various settings.
It comes in three different large sizes: 24x24, 24x48, and jumbo.
The pavers also feature an innovative ZeroSlip technology, ensuring a safe surface even on different types of terrain like soft sand, grass, or hard concrete.

Full Range Bluestone Pavers