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Mohave Gold D. G. Track and Field Fines
Track and Field and Base Ball Surface Materials
1/4" Minus and 2 millimeter
A multi golden and tan colored crushed granite stone speckled full black, brown, pink, green, white, gray colors and more. Mojave Gold gravel sparkles when the sunlight hits it.

Using decorative rock, decomposed granite, crushed stone and gravel, in your landscaping saves you time and money but can also increase property value. Grass is great and a healthy lawn is a vital part of most homes, but usually best for small areas in the back yard to relax on. In front and side landscape area it requires regular mowing, fertilizer, and irrigation that can be eliminated.
Did you know it takes 35,000 gallons per year to properly water 1,000 sq feet of turf, while low water use plants use only 15,000 gallons or less for the same amount of space? Reducing the amount of water, fertilizer, and pesticides means landscaping with rock is also better for our environment.
Earth Stone & Rock offers a largest possible selection of decorative stone materials in sizes and colors to choose from. If you don't see exactly what your are looking for on our site, just ask us, we should have that material in our quarry vendor data base.
We can deliver our products in small or large amounts to nearly any location. In California offer garden and landscape designs, many times at no charge, with on site material choosing assistance with product samples available. If you are need of it we also offer job site labor assistance to move and or place our materials easing your work load.

Editor's note. Mohave Gold is trademarked name by the quarry and this material is not same as decomposed granite materials called Mojave Gold, nor are those materials the same as the Mohave Gold products. Perhaps the name arises from a "white man" spelling mistake as there is a region and city, Fort Mohave, in central Arizona called Mohave, however the desert region it is all within is spelled in its correct Spanish as Mojave.....Apparently the local gringo's did not remember the "J" carries an "H" sound in Spanish, so we get the Spanglish Mohave as a result.

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Mohave Gold D. G. Track and Field Fines