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Decomposed Granite and Crushed Stone Fines Visalia
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It's The Same Rock, Why Pay More For it?
There two types of D. G. products sold in the hardscaping and landscaping industry, true Decomposed Granite and "Crushed Stone Products." Most of the products sold as D. G. are actually crushed stone products that are by-products of processing larger sized stone material. Decomposed Granite is an effective material for creating excellent pathways, patios, driveways, and paving other light-duty surfaces since it does not get mucky or muddy like most crushed stone fines. There are some crushed stone products that are almost as effective as decomposed granite but do a trial area of at least 2 x 2 feet first, before buying and regretting later on.

There are many crushed stone products sold throughout the industry as "decomposed granite" and the names of these products have become very well established. You will find that we have made any corrections needed, and always looking for new information, in the product description to detail the composition of the material.

Decomposed granite is usually mechanically screened to 3/8" minus sizes, with a few decomposed granite products offered in 1/4" minus sizes.
3/8" Decomposed granite materials are great for use as landscape groundcover where has a very natural look. 3/8" materials are also durable for use in high traffic pathways, utility vehicles, and driveways or parking areas.
1/4" Decomposed granite materials are used for premium finished patios and walkways.

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Anejo Gold D. G. 3/8" Minus  - Pathways Decomposed Granite Anejo Gold D. G. 3/8" Minus Yard Visalia

The strong gold color of Anejo Gold D. G. is an ideal gold color DG material for many landscapes in Central and Southern California since it is quarried in large amounts and has a very affordable price point.

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Price Per Yard $249.99 Southern California Quarry
Inflation Fighter Sale $129.99
Savings: $120.00
Ruby Red Decomposed Granite 3/8" Visalia - 93291 Ruby Red Granite D. G. 3/8" Minus Yard

Northern Arizona quarry, shipping bulk throughout Arizona, Las Vegas and Henderson, Southern and Central California. SuperEarth-sacks and palleted rock anywhere requested.

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Price Per Yard $299.99 Arizona quarry, low regional rates
Inflation Fighter Sale $249.99
Savings: $50.00
California Gold Fines 1/4" Minus Visalia - 93291 California Rock Gold Fines 1/4" Minus Visalia

Mojave Desert, California quarry shipping bulk through Southern and Central California, supersacks shipped anywhere. Not a true decomposed granite material.

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Price Per Yard $240.00 California quarry in the Mojave Desert
Inflation Fighter Sale $120.00
Savings: $120.00
Visalia Decomposed Granite