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Bison Brown Rock
Central Arizona quarry shipping bulk rock throughout Arizona and Southern California. SuperEarth-bag shipments possible to anywhere in the USA and Canada.
Bison Brown Rock is crushed rock material that is a 2019 new introduction to the Arizona and California landscape industry. The natural dark brown colors are contrasted with splashes of deep red and green tones. The finish Barkwood Rock landscape has the effective of a natural wood mulch look with the worries and hassles of a wood mulch landscape in Southwestern landscape.

Barkwood Gravel is crushed hard rock gravel that is a bold brown in color but highlighted with splashes of deep red and green tones. There is also a pink-tinted granite like appearance that brings a delightful mix of color and contrast within each rock.
It has a very unique lateral character that looks like a petrified wood or rock bark. It is an excellent hardscape, utility area and light vehicle pathway material.
Barkwood Gravel is sold in these sizes:
3/8" minus - a great D.G. like material
3/4" screened material - very clean and attractive large scale gravel
2" - screened gravel
Rip rap and boulders.
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Bison Brown Rock