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Del Rio Pebbles
Southern California quarry producing small to medium sized river pebbles.
There are 2 types of these pebbles, Imperial Del Rio from the Salton Sea and Del Rio Pebbles from the South Coast. Amazingly they are so very similar in color and shape that most people in the landscape and rock trades would not be able to tell these two pebbles apart.
The Imperial Del Rio pebbles range in colors from speckled gray, white, gold and tan.

Perfect for water gardens and fountains, these pebbles look beautiful underwater. Del Rio is available in five different sizes from 1/4 inch to 6 inches. Del Rio is used landscaping and hardscaping and as exposed aggregate in buildings, walkways, stepping stones, and planters.

Pea gravel, the 3/8" size Del Rio pebbles are natural or "true" pea gravel, which is defined as "naturally rounded river rock."

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Del Rio River Pebbles