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Arizona River Pebbles 3/8" Supersack Per Ton
Arizona River Rock 3/8"
Arizona River Pebble 3/8"

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Price Per Ton $399.99
Inflation Fighter Sale $179.99
Savings: $220.00
Material Type: Quarried river rock cobbles
Level Of Experience Required: No experience to install in gardens & landscapes by DIY's with a good design. For walls it is best to employ a mason.
Typical Time Required: Man hours will vary according to actual scope of work and purchase
Equipment Needed: A tree dolly for boulders 275 lbs or smaller, small tractor or crane for specimen material
Additional Materials Needed: Decomposed granite, gravel or small stones or rocks to accent the boulder. Cement or mortar if part of complex masonry project

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Arizona River Pebbles 3/8" Super sack Per Ton
Arizona River Rock is known for its smooth round profile, it has very smooth edges and surfaces, evoking an image of stones worn by centuries of cascading water. Arizona River Rock is a multi-color blend of mauve, plum, burgundy, lavender-colored stones with random splashes of black, terracotta, and green. This rock is also called Salt River Rock Cobbles and Pebbles, which is a generic term for river rock from Arizona.

These Beautiful naturally rounded river stones are most commonly used in dry river beds. Its soft shapes and textures make it perfect for your desert river bed landscape. With its serene appeal, Arizona River Rock adds a natural touch to applications such as dry river beds, standard landscape fill, paths, and walkways. Stones range in diameter from approximately 3/8" to 18".

Arizona River Rock Pebbles 3/8"
Product Specifications and Uses
Arizona River Rock 1/2" x 3/4" Per Ton covers:
100 square feet - 1" deep. This is too shallow you will see the soil or weed fabric. It will look better with a 2" layer of gravel or decomposed granite as base to lay the river rock on.
60 square feet - 2" deep. This works well but
It will have superior results with a 2" layer of gravel or decomposed granite as base to lay the river rock on.
The square foot coverage per ton of gravel will vary slightly with the surface and designs of the project, waste etc. will affect area coverage. The information is based on average ton and cubic yard amounts. This decorative building stone has naturally occurring colors and shade variations. These are what gives this stone the natural beauty and uniqueness that causes its appeal. Color tones change can sometimes occur with aging or maintenance practices of the location it is installed at therefore exact matching of existing stone may not always occur. During processing or transportation dust will adhere to the rocks and change its appearance on arrival but we guarantee all stone to be true to the specific brand name, type and size ordered or complete exchange including transportation costs will be made.

Salt River Rock Cobbles and Pebbles come washed in sorted in these sizes:
1/8" to 5/16" "Fisheye" size
3/8" to pea gravel size
1/2" to 3/4" size
1-1/2" to 3" size
3" to 6" size
6" to 18" plus sized material

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