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Navajo Gold Boulders
Southern California quarry for shipping in bulk in Southern and Central California. Pallet shipment on flatbeds elsewhere.
This is a richly colored golden rock that is an excellent blend of caramel and chocolate colors and a great landscape rock that can add a lot of texture, color and scale of size contrast in a larger planterbeds or right-a-ways.

For several reasons we do not approve the use of this name for this rock, mostly just out of respect to the Navajo Nation. We are sure they would be very surprised to find out this rock is titled after them and not very happy about it. The Navajo Gold name has been in the landscape trade for many years. We are branding this rock in D. G. and gravel sizes as Caramel Macchiato and the rip rap and boulders as Desert Smores because the added white crystal quartz in the larger rock.
This rock is quarried in the Mojave Desert Quarry District in Southern California. It is shipped south to San Diego and north to Fresno and out to the coastal cities.
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Navajo Gold Boulders