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Sand Copper Pavilion
Sand Copper Paving Stone
Sand Copper Paving Stone

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$34.99 will be added for each palletized or bagged material
Price Per Pallet $819.99
Inflation Fighter Sale $719.99
Savings: $100.00
Material Type: Concrete Pavers
Level Of Experience Required: No experience needed for excellent results.
Typical Time Required: One day or less for most projects. Figure 3 Man Hours per ton for a finished project.
Equipment Needed: Contractor grade wheelbarrow, sod roller, hand tools, garden hose
Additional Materials Needed: Weed control fabric, wood, steel or plastic edging

Quantity in Stock:1000

Product Code: 229702PVRXSC

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Description Material Transport Photos & Liability
Sand Copper Paving Stone - Price Per Pallet
Pavilion I - 127 Sqft Per Pallet
Pavilion II - 77 Sqft Per Pallet

Warm textures, unique colors, and large paving stones are the hallmarks of the new Pavilion Paving Stone. The rich surface of the Pavilion has the appearance of a large natural flagstone with all the benefits of high-strength manufactured concrete. Available in all-new colors ranging from a color reminiscent of natural Bluestone to rich earth tones, the Pavilion is designed to enhance your outdoor living space. Ideal for entryways, walkways, backyard patios, pool decks, and outdoor entertainment areas.

Pavilion 3 paver stone package:
23.62" x 15.75"
15.75" x 15.75"
7.87" x 15.75"

Product Specifications and Uses
This product is effectively used in pathways, walkways, driveways

Full Pallets
Sq Ft per Stone 2.58, 1.72, 0.86
Stones per Sq Ft 0.39, 0.58, 1.16
Sq Ft per Pallet 127
Stones per Pallet 80
Weight per Stone 69 lbs, 47 lbs, 23 lbs
Weight per Pallet 3530 lbs

Adobe Copper Pavilion Paver Slab Layouts and Patterns LAYOUTS

The square foot coverage per ton will vary slightly with the surface and designs of the project, waste etc. and will affect area coverage. This decorative building stone has naturally occurring colors and shade variations. These are what gives this stone the natural beauty and uniqueness that causes its appeal. Color tones change can sometimes occur with aging or maintenance practices of the location it is installed at therefore exact matching of existing stone may not always occur. During processing or transportation dust will adhere to the rocks and change its appearance on arrival but we guarantee all stone to be true to the specific brand name, type and size ordered or complete exchange including transportation costs will be made.

After installation is completed the rock should be rinsed off to show the natural beauty and character.

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