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Gray Reflective Fire Glass 1/2"
Gray Reflective Fire Glass 1/2"
Gray Reflective Fire Glass

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Price Per 5 Pounds $24.99
Inflation Fighter Sale $15.99
Savings: $9.00
Material Type: Fire Glass
Level Of Experience Required: No experience to install in gardens & landscapes by DIY's with a good design. For walls it is best to employ a mason.
Typical Time Required: Man hours will vary according to actual scope of work and purchase
Equipment Needed: A tree dolly for boulders 275 lbs or smaller, small tractor or crane for specimen material
Additional Materials Needed: Decomposed granite, gravel or small stones or rocks to accent the boulder. Cement or mortar if part of complex masonry project

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Product Code: 764623FG50

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Gray Reflective Fire Glass 1/2"

Introducing our Gray Reflective Tempered Glass – a harmonious blend of style and resilience that effortlessly elevates your surroundings. The cool gray color, with its reflective allure, adds a touch of modern sophistication to any space, creating a visually captivating ambiance.

While striking alone, the gray fire glass truly ignites with vigor when kissed by vibrant flames. Reds and yellows dance upon its surface, infusing warmth into the cool hues, while its reflective quality elevates the entire scene, casting a mesmerizing glow that transforms any space.

Gray reflective fire glass boasts practical prowess. Concealing unsightly fixtures beneath a shimmering veil, it effortlessly masks the mundane mechanics of gas fireplaces and pits. Say goodbye to traditional ceramic logs and stones—fire glass reigns supreme, offering both beauty and functionality.
Product Specifications and Uses
Fire glass is a heat-resistant and visually captivating material composed of tempered glass, is designed for use in fire pits and fireplaces.
Fire glass is available in various sizes and colors, it can withstand temperatures of up to 1300°F, enhancing the appeal of fire features while safely distributing heat. It has versatile applications include
  • adorning fire pits
  • fireplaces
  • fire tables
  • it can also be used in landscaping, aquariums, terrariums, artistic projects, and more.
Fire glass is
  • low-maintenance
  • eco-friendly alternative to traditional firewood contributing to cleaner and more sustainable heating solutions
Fire glass is mostly used in
  • Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces
  • Create a focal point in your backyard, patio, or garden, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.
  • The reflective surface not only adds visual interest but also maximizes the radiant heat output, making it an efficient and stylish choice for your outdoor fire feature.
The tempered glass construction guarantees a long-lasting and maintenance-free solution, making it an excellent investment for your outdoor space.

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