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Fir Tree Bark Jumbo - Per Scoop
Douglas Fir Tree Bark, Jumbo Size 4" to 12"
Fir Tree Bark Jumbo

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$34.99 will be added for each palletized or bagged material
Price Per Scoop $128.99 California forestry by product
Inflation Fighter Sale $58.99
Savings: $70.00
Material Type: Recycled Forest By-Product
Level Of Experience Required: No experience needed for excellent results.
Typical Time Required: Man Hours will vary according to volume of stone purchased, design and specifications.

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Product Code: 736MBAX1SCP

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Fir Tree Bark Jumbo - Per Scoop
Jumbo Deco Bark Adds an exotic look for spotlighting in rock gardens, pond areas, and ferns. Material has few sticks and attractive variegated colors. Sourced from meticulously milled and screened 4" to 12" Douglas Hem Fir Barks.
This Jumbo Bark Product is hard to find and we are glad to offer it. It is very attractive and great when used in large-scale planters and mixed with other large bark sizes. This jumbo bark is exceptional for its thick size and variegated colors, including deep purple.
Embrace the rarity of this hard-to-find gem, where the presence of sticks is minimal, ensuring a smooth and seamless landscaping experience. Its generous size makes it ideal for creating stunning visual impact in large-scale planters, while also beautifully complementing other large bark sizes for a harmonious landscape design.
Unleash your creativity and transform any outdoor space into a mesmerizing sanctuary with the versatility of our Jumbo Deco Bark. Whether you're seeking to enhance your garden's aesthetics or construct a picturesque pathway, this premium product delivers unrivaled elegance and charm.

Product Specifications and Uses
This product is effectively used in planter beds and as landscape ground cover.

One Yard of Landscape Soil Amendment or Mulch Covers:
240 square feet. 1" deep. This is too shallow.
120 square feet. 2" deep. Thins out over a short amount of time.
One Square Yard Landscape Mulch Typically Covers:

300 square feet. 1" deep. This is too shallow.
150 square feet - 2" deep. Thins out over a short amount of time.
125 square feet - 2-1/2" deep. Very good coverage.
100 square feet - 3" deep. Ideal long-term coverage.
75 square feet - 4" deep. Best for materials of 2" or larger.

The square foot coverage per ton of gravel will vary slightly with the surface and designs of the project, waste, etc. will affect area coverage. The information is based on average ton and cubic yard amounts. This decorative building stone has naturally occurring colors and shade variations. These are what gives this stone the natural beauty and uniqueness that causes its appeal. Color tone change can sometimes occur with aging or maintenance practices of the location it is installed at therefore exact matching of existing stone may not always occur. During processing or transportation dust will adhere to the rocks and change its appearance on arrival but we guarantee all stones to be true to the specific brand name, type, and size ordered, or a complete exchange including transportation costs will be made.

After installation is completed the rock should be rinsed off to show the natural beauty and character.

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