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Diamond Supreme Fescue Grass 60 oz.
Diamond Supreme Fescue Synthetic Grass
Diamond Supreme Fescue Artificial Grass

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$34.99 will be added for each palletized or bagged material
Price per square foot $5.45
Inflation Fighter Sale $4.45
Savings: $1.00
Material Type: Artificial Synthetic Turf
Typical Time Required: Depends on the size of installation area
Equipment Needed: Check our Syn Turf Installation materials
Additional Materials Needed: Weed control fabric, gopher wire, wood, steel or plastic edging

Quantity in Stock:99999

Product Code: 252542STXSUP

Diamond Supreme Fescue Artificial Grass
60 oz and 1.75 inches Tall. Price per square foot.

Say ‘goodbye’ to lawn care because Tiger Turf Diamond Supreme Fescue will maintain an evergreen plush appearance all year long, no matter the season!

Specifically designed with the strongest yarn in the industry, Diamond Supreme Fescue turf is one of the most popular choices among certified landscape contractors across the nation. This synthetic turf showcases field and olive green colors combined with a brown thatch layer. The extra thick approximately 85 ounce face weight combined with an approximately 2.50 inch pile height will make any landscape appear lush and natural. The open ‘W’ grass blade shape has a memory foam action and will retract to its original shape, even after heavy foot traffic!

Our featured tuft bind technology also provides this turf with an exceptional backing! The grass blades are triple reinforced which creates an extreme resistance to a pull force. It would take several thousand pounds of resistance force per linear foot to separate the turf from this backing. In addition to incredible strength, the backing is also perforated for easy drainage! Pet urine, water and any other liquid will simply strain through this backing and your turf will stay pristine as the day you purchased it!

Our 15 year warranty guarantees Diamond Supreme Fescue to save you time, water and money in addition to maintaining a flawless look for years to come! A perfectly manicured lawn never looked so good!

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Diamond Supreme Fescue Artificial Turf
Product Specifications and Uses
Diamond Supreme Fescue Grass 60 oz. is suitable for light duty residential lawns.

Product Specification

Yarn Characteristics

Yarn Characteristics
Type Monofilament PE with Thatch
Composition/Structure: Polyethylene
Denier: 10,800/5,000
Colors: Field Green/Olive Green

Manufactured Rolls

Width: 15 Feet
Length: 80 Feet
Shipping Weight: 1050 lbs*
Roll Diameter: 24 Inches
Total Product Weight: Approximately 112 Ounces Per Square Yard

Turf Characteristics

Turf Characteristics
Pile/Face Weight: Approx. 85 Ounces
Pile Height: Approx. 2.50 Inches
Machine Gauge: 3/8 Inch
Thatch Color: Brown Thatch

Backing Characteristics

Primary Backing 1
Composition/Structure: K29 Dual Layered Non-Expansive Backing
Weight: 7.3 Ounces Per Square Yard
Finished Coating: Polyurethane 20 Ounces Per Square Yard*
Tuft Bind: 10+ pounds

Particulate Infill

Particulate Infill
Type: Quality Infill
Weight: 3.0-4.0 Pounds Per Square Foot*
Height: Approx. 0.5-0.75 Inches
Colors: Green, Black, or Natural

*Weight is Approximate
Additional Information:
Recommended Maintenance: Rinse and groom as needed to limit matting.
Drainage Rate: 30+ inches of rain per hour per square yard.
EarthstoneRock cares about environmental issues and only produces products certified as lead free and free of dioxin emissions.
Matting Disclaimer: Synthetic grass, by the nature of the composition will have some matting possibilities. It’s important to discuss the level of use with your installer to ensure you’ve chosen the right product for your needs. Matting is not covered under the warranty.

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