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Apache Brown D. G. 1/4" Minus
Apache Brown D.G. Fines 1/4" Minus
Apache Brown D. G. 1/4" Minus

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$34.99 will be added for each palletized or bagged material
Price Per Ton $120.00 Arizona quarry low regional hauling rates
Inflation Fighter Sale $105.60
Savings: $14.40
Material Type: Crushed Rhyolite rock
Level Of Experience Required: No experience needed for excellent results.
Typical Time Required: One day or less for most projects. Figure 3 Man Hours per ton for a finished project.
Equipment Needed: Contractor grade wheelbarrow, sod roller, hand tools, garden hose
Additional Materials Needed: Weed control fabric, wood, steel or plastic edging

Quantity in Stock:250

Availability:: Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Product Code: DG104XM025TON

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Apache Brown D. G. 1/4" Minus
Apache Brown D.G. is a crushed granite rock fine from the Central Arizona quarry. It is available in 1/4" minus size.

Apache Brown is a very light brown earth tone crushed granite D.G., which is approximately 80% fine and 20% rock. It is rounded and sand-like.
Apache Brown D.G. is very effective for pathways, planter beds, patio, and utility areas. One ton of this material will cover approximately 80 sq ft at 3-inches deep. One cubic yard of this material will cover 110 sq ft at 3-inches deep. This material is sold with and without stabilizers.
This product is shipped in bulk and super sacks wherever requested in the USA.


This material mixes very well with dry soluble and liquid stabilizer products. Apache Brown D.G. should be mixed with 10-12 pounds of dry stabilizer with 1 ton of the D.G. for the best results.
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Low Water or Drought Tolerant Landscaping is called Xeriscaping. This is a landscaping approach that focuses on the proper selection of landscape elements and the efficient use of water. It encourages careful landscape planning and the use of sensible landscape design techniques. Xeriscaping can dramatically reduce landscape water use by 50% to 75%. This can be achieved by adopting various water conservation techniques such as planting drought- tolerant plants, using permeable pavers and mulches, installing efficient irrigation systems, and reducing the turf area. Installing landscaping rocks on specific areas in the landscape will also help you save water and reduce maintenance costs. We can design you a very beautiful landscape using exciting flowering plants and shade trees, low water-efficient irrigation with decorative gravel, rock, stones, cobbles, and boulders, and any other features you desire. You or your landscape installation expert will have an installation plan, material list, and plant list for quick action.

Landscape supply yards are infamous for providing buyers with horrible rates of measurement. In nearly all cases they tell you that "their" scoop or skip is the best deal around and that they always give a little extra. Nothing could be further from the truth. All companies that buy at the wholesale level in our industry pay for their rock by the ton. When buy rock by the tone you are buying value, not hype.

Almost any quarry that sells quality rock with a good reputation has a certified scale for weighing large truckloads of rock material. Each "scale house" or "weigh master" issues a weight ticket for the truck passing over the scale. Selling materials by mythical measurements such as the "scoop" or "skip" is the snake oil salesman in the rock yard method for making a quick buck off buyers.
When you pay for materials by ton you know exactly what you are getting. We strongly urge buyer's to request a scale receipt for their orders and not the word of the tractor operator that he put 4 or 5 skips, scoops, or yards in the truck.

When ordering use the Purchase Order function at checkout and enter ROCK as your payment method. This will allow you to create an order for a firm transportation quote without having to pay for it at this time. While we have posted transport rates, in many circumstances we are able to ship the order to you for less. You will be given a firm cost on the whole order within a few minutes to a few hours.
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Earth, stone and masonry other building products are of course natural products. Variations in industry or branded product names, color and texture do occur and are part of what make these building products so unique. Please use the photographs within these pages only as a guide. These images depict building materials products that have been, crushed, cut, shaped or manufactured to achieve the visual and structural requirements for landscape or structural building construction. Photos of materials in actual landscapes or buildings reflect craftsmanship that may have changed the appearance of the delivered material. Additional weather and lighting conditions at the time each photo was taken and the limits of different computer screen resolution, can and do effect the appearance. Therefore, we cannot guarantee an exact match to any of the images contained herein. Photos are of materials as specified in product description and or provided by the Quarry, Manufacture or Vendor of these products or our own in field photos and product analysis and represent the specified product but may not be of actual inventory on hand during any given period of time. Product specifications and availability are subject to change without notice.

Product Samples
Earth, Stone, Rock Building Materials believes that for most consumers and end users of these landscaping or building material products the best location to view most of these products is at the actual site where they are going be used. This is particularly true for existing homes and commercial locations that are being renovated or re-landscaped. Samples of most materials can be delivered and evaluated by you on site for you to make the most informed choice possible.

Samples are shipped via United State Postal Service, Priority Mail. We can get about 16 pounds of material into a large flat rate box. Samples are sent with an invoice on Net 10 Day Terms. When ordering your samples use the Purchase Order function at checkout and enter SAMPLES. This will allow you to make a purchase without having to pay for the samples at that time.

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