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Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital
In 1994 Pakistan’s first cancer hospital and research center was inaugrated in Lahore, complete with state of the art cancer diagnostic and treatment facilities for the needy under one roof.

Since then, a number of centers all over Pakistan have been established to help in the awareness, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

With the help and support of our customers, we can help provide comprehensive, world-class cancer care, free, to the poorest people in Pakistan. Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMCH) and Imran Khan cancer Appeal (IKCA) continues its battle against incredible odds on behalf of the thousands of patients who would otherwise have little or no hope of survival.

But with costs increasing every year, it remains a constant and uphill struggle. For many cancer patients who come to the hospital, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital (SKMCH) is a final hope. Ultimately, it is charities from people like us that decides how many patients are treated every year. We cannot comprehend the pain of losing someone to cancer, the least we can do is help increase the chances of someone surviving it. Without donations they simply could not help as many people as they do. California Building Material Supply as business does everything in its power to help and contribute to the needy. For this reason we donate all the money earned through the sales of samples to charities like Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital.

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