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A to Z Flagstone - A
We offer the largest selection of flagstone possible, so large we need to organize it alphabetically. We don't stock most of these stone materials, rather we arrange shipping directly from the quarry to your job site location thus saving you substantial amounts of money. Samples of stone are sent at your request. This stone material is known to be an easy material to work with due to the flat mildly rough to smooth nature that comes from the splitting layers of sedimentary stone. Flagstone is not a stone itself but just the category name for this flat surface building material. Granite, Slate, Quartzite, Sandstone, Limestone, Shale and other stones are quarried around the world and made available for builders in the USA and Canada. Flagstone is available in literally hundreds of different solid and mixed colors, shapes, and thicknesses.
Standup and Patio flagstone that is 1" thickness is best installed on a concrete base with mortar and is typically are best install by an experienced mason.
Standup and Patio flagstone that is 2" thickness is good with either a concrete base or a sand, gravel, decomposed granite or cement a base is easily installed in landscapes by people with basic home improvement skills.

Select or Standup Grade:

This size flagstone is the top choice for outdoor living areas, pool and spa decking and entertainment area surfaces, patio and large pathway construction. Skilled masons can saw cut angles to fit the architectural or structural designs and needs of the project. Of course larger workers can always reduce the large pieces to smaller stone size units where needed. Select grade can also be set into pathway and informal patio areas without a concrete slab, as the sheer size and weight of each pieces combined with a proper setting of the stone will keep it solidly in place.
Patio Grade:
This size is most useful in pathway and patio construction where a slab is available for setting the stone and then using mortar to hold it firmly in place. There some types of granite and quartzite stone that just do not come in large supply of select grade flagstone sheets where the using patio grade is the only option. The colors and texture of the stone make it very desirable for the project location so the extra work is well worth the satisfaction for the finished look.

There is always going to be slight variance of square footage from pallet to pallet even if the weights are similar. The square foot coverage per ton of flagstone will vary with each project. Designs of the project, the average stone thickness, size of joints, pattern cuts, waste etc. will effect area coverage.
When ordering use the Purchase Order function at checkout and enter ROCK as your payment method. This will allow you to create an order for a firm transportation quote without having to pay for it at this time. While we have posted transport rates, in many circumstances we are able to ship the order to you for less. You will be given a firm cost on the whole order within a few minutes to a few hours.
A to Z Flagstone - A