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Spun Bond Landscape Weed Fabric 3oz 4 x 300
Spun Bond Landscape Weed Fabric 4’ x 300’ 3 ounce -  Install Weed Barrier
Spun Bond Weed Control Fabric 3oz 4 x 300

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$34.99 will be added for each palletized or bagged material
Price Per Roll $145.00 Regional warehouses
Inflation Fighter Sale $132.00
Savings: $13.00
Material Type: Weed Control Fabric
Level Of Experience Required: No experience needed for excellent results.
Typical Time Required: One day or less for most projects. Figure 3 Man Hours per ton for a finished project.
Equipment Needed: Contractor grade tree dolly, hand tools and only 1 person needed for best results
Additional Materials Needed: Optional rock ruble, wood, steel or plastic edging for borders around boulders and planterbeds

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Spun Bond Weed Barrier Cloth 3oz 4 x 300
Price per roll
Spun Bond weed fabrics are perfect for controlling weeds while allowing air, water, and nutrients through the soil. These commercial-grade fabrics have high puncture resistance. Furthermore, Polyspun polyester geotextiles are the most preferred among professional landscapers because of their strength, durability, and versatility.
You can use this weed fabric to control weeds under the mulch, deck, patios, sideways, and walkways and also reduce silting in the drainage systems.
Wouldn't you love to look at your hard work and see no weed in sight, have more free time, and enjoy your life instead of exhausting manual work? Then you will really like how our black gardening woven fabric leverages the power of innovative technology to quickly, easily, and eco-friendly help you to prevent large weed growth on your outdoor displays. Just take the roll of our woven geotextile fabric sheeting, follow the easy steps of applying it and enjoy the results without much effort.
Professional woven landscape fabric is sealed in rolls 3, 4, 6, and 12 wide by 300 feet. Premium landscaping fabric helps to block weeds from growing and stealing valuable nutrients from the plants in your gardens. But don't worry this woven weed blocker fabric mat is UV-stabilized, it can last even in direct sunlight.
Ground cover landscape fabric is ideal for long-term weed prevention for plantings without coverings. This garden weed barrier consists of three layers of laminated spun-bond plastic fabric for extra strength and light blockage. Our heavy-duty long lasting 4 oz weed block fabric yard is an excellent prevention of weed seed germination.
Woven polypropylene landscape fabric provides a wide range of functions such as absorbency, resilience, strength, cushioning, filter, rock, and wood mulch protection. These features are often combined to create commercial-grade heavy-duty landscape fabric suited for specific jobs while achieving a good balance between product use life and cost.

Free Weed Control Fabric For Rockscape Installations
Product Specifications and Uses
This 20 Year Weed Barrier is the best in the industry for cost-conscious professional and commercial installations. It is also ideal for retail consumers who demand professional quality products. Our Weed Barrier is a 4.1 oz., woven polypropylene, needle-punched fabric with reinforced fiber for extra durability. Colored stripes located 12 inches apart make for easy plant alignment.
Product Features:
Excellent weeds control the material
Allows air, water, and nutrients to pass through
Superior light blocking
Conserves soil moisture
Easy to install
Environmentally safe
Professional quality
Striped for easy plant alignment
Great for permanent landscapes
Great for xeriscapes
Select the following standard sizes:
3' wide x 250' long bulk
4' wide x 250' long bulk
5' wide x 250' long bulk
6' wide x 250' long bulk
8' wide x 250' long bulk
12' wide x 250' long bulk
We recommend this product be covered by mulch or another material to extend the product's life. Prolonged exposure to sunlight will reduce the lifespan of the product and void the warranty.

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