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Black Granite Boulders 6' Per Ton
Black Granite Boulders 6' Per Ton - Large Landscaping Stone
Black Granite Boulders Rock

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Price Per Ton $399.99 Central Valley Quarry
Inflation Fighter Sale $299.99
Savings: $100.00
Material Type: Granite Boulders
Level Of Experience Required: Boulders over 150 lbs are best handled by experienced landscape staff
Typical Time Required: Budget 1 Man Hours per boulder and finish work, but placement time varies according to size and location
Equipment Needed: Contractor grade wheelbarrow, or heavy duty upright dolly, hand tools, garden hose
Additional Materials Needed: Decomposed granite, gravel or small stones or rocks to accent the boulder. Cement or mortar if part of complex masonry project

Availability:: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Days
Product Code: 309206BLDX6FTTON

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Black Granite Boulders 6' Per Ton
Central Valley quarry material shipped on pallets throughout the Western USA.
A unique greyish-black color makes these boulders and slabs among the rarest stone materials in landscaping. The bold, earthy colors of Black Granite Slabs are even more dramatic in the large slab material that the quarry produces for us. It is like having giant gemstones in your garden and landscape.

Granite is not a new thing, and it has nationwide become a standard for many new houses as builders aim to entice potential buyers with more lavish finishes. Granite is a natural stone that can withstand the environment and last for many years within a home with typical wear and tear. Granite slabs come in a wide range, and their distinctive patterns are a product of their original geographic regions.

Product Specifications and Uses
Whether you’re looking to make an outdoor bench or build one for your indoor dining room table, the standard bench seating height is between 46-51 cm.
It is perfect for schools, parks and your backyards. On the flip side, those who want to transform their granite tabletops into a design statement will surely opt for black granite. Black granite is a superb choice for benches and tables, regardless of the type you choose. It lasts the lifetime.
Boulders, Stones, Cobble and Rip Rap are effective in creating scale, color and texture contrast in open landscapes, dry and wet creek features, waterfalls, ponds. Boulders, Stones, Cobble and Rip Rap are also very effective at steering foot traffic away from primary plantings to prevent damage to plants and worn out sections of the landscape.

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