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Baja Sunburst Beach Cobble
also called Sienna Cobbles
Beach and river cobbles sorted into various sizes from 1/2 through 12 inches.
Baja Sunburst beach and river pebbles that have been literally baked in the hot tropical sun and burned to a crimson red to orange-brown
These pebbles are hand picked segregated for size and palletized Material is sold in supersacks and wore baskets on pallets weighing from 1 to 1.5 tons
Typical Sorted Sizes
Baja Sunburst 1/2″ – 1"
Baja Sunburst 1″ – 2"
Baja Sunburst 2″ – 3"
Baja Sunburst 3″ – 5"
Baja Sunburst 5″ – 8″
Baja Sunburst 6″ – 9″
Baja Sunburst 9″ – 12″
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Baja Sunburst Cobbles 6 - 9" Baja Sunburst Cobbles 6 - 9" Ton

Quarried from rivers and imported from Baja California, Mexico.

Usually Ships in 24 to 48 Hours
Price Per Ton $299.99 Imported from Mexico
Home & Business Improvement Sale $249.99
Savings: $50.00
Baja Sunburst Cobble - Sienna Cobbles