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Zeo-N-Fill Pet Deodorizer For Synthetic Turf Lawns

Zeo-N-Fill is an organic infill that helps to eliminate urine odor in synthetic turf.
Zeo-N-Fill is the best artificial grass pet deodorizer and heat reducing infill available on the market. It helps control urine odors by holding onto the ammonium in the pet urine and preventing it from turning into a gas, which is the main cause of smell. Zeo-N-Fill is 98% pure clinoptilolite zeolite, and is the only product approved by majority of synthetic turf manufacturers around the world for pet, lawn and park area field infill.
Most importantly, Zeo-N-Fill is organic, and California Prop 65 SAFE! (The exact same formulation is used in supplements approved for human consumption)

Zeo-N-Fill Pet Deodorizer For Synthetic Turf